The GMTR is grateful to all of our sponsors for their continued support of this event.  Money raised helps us to keep our amazing village hall on the map and open – so that local residents and those travelling to the area can enjoy the many varied activiteis and facilities that our beautiful Chapel has to offer.

The Himalayan Gardens himalayn

The Himalayan garden and sculpture park can be found at the Hutts, just outside Grewelthorpe. It provides one of the most challenging and breathtaking climbs of the GMTR run. If you get chance during this final ascent – you should look up to your right to catch a glimpse of the stunningly beautiful woodland; natural springs, lakes and striking contemporary sculptures of the Himalayan Gardens.

This privately owned 20 acre woodland garden which have been lovingly developed by the current owners into what is considered by many to be a botanical masterpiece to rival Castle Howard, Muncaster Castle & Gardens. Now containing various species of sinu-Himalayan collected on plant finding expeditions since and inspired by the collection of Hybrid Rhodedendrons Peter & Caroline found planted along the driveway by the previous owner – the eminent Himalayan plant hunter – Alan Clark.

The site will be open between 14th October and November 5th when you will be able to see the garden in it’s full Autumn glory…

I’Anson Bros Ltd

I’Anson Bros Ltd have been sponsoring the race from the outset and this year is no exception.  They provide most of the prizes for best times in all classes and the most improved prize for the event. .

Swinton Estate

TSP_Logotype_871he Swinton Estate very kindly allow us to run through their Estate as part of the GMTR woodland stage.  Nutwith woods are just one of the many beautiful landscapes owned and managed by this estate.   The Estate have also kindly donated a spa meal for two in the Terrace bar – which can be enjoyed amidst the fantastic splendour of the Castle.

BBentleysentleys of Masham

Have kindly donated some outdoor items as additional spot prizes for us this year.

Ripon Land Rover lend us a vehicle.

Ripon Runners have loaned us their signs and have supported the race by adding us to their championship.

Ripon Tri Club have provided us with some excellent guidance via Dewi Winkle on race structure, as well as loaning us their flags and start finish banner. Again, we are part of their championship programme and they further support us with additional Marshalls on the day.

Sunderland Strollers enjoyed the GMTR as part of their club championship and came a creditable 4th in the mens’ team standings and 3rd and 4th in the ladies’!

Thank you to all of our sponsors – without your support this amazing event could not run.

Gary & Sean